Monday, 6 August 2012

Field View Festival 2012

My goodness. I think I need a nap but I can't as I have to write all about Field View Festival 2012!

Let's start with a quote from the effortlessly siren-like Lucy Rose:
"Field View is the most amazing festival ever!"

Screaming Maldini were confirmed to play FVF earlier this year so I've been looking forward to it for months and boy, it did not disappoint. Still a small festival with a humble line-up, FVF is home to a 3,000 strong campsite with people who seem to be regulars already. Started only 5 years ago in someone's back garden, it's safe to say in 5 years I'll be cooing "Well I actually played FVF back when it was new, I saw Lucy Rose stage dive, took my own gin into the site (which was 2 minutes from my tent) and ate reasonably priced food without being ill."

Highlights for me included meeting two lovely boys Zack and Max who entertained me all weekend, especially with Zack's dancing to The Resonators in the sunny sun sun. Cheery reggae with gorgeous vocals.
Headlining one of her first festival's was Lucy Rose, the girl must have had a special moment on stage, it was lovely to witness her be so overwhelmed by how much FVF bloody loved her! Then she stage dived. Ace stuff. 

I knew that Hey Sholay were good. They're from Sheffield and I must admit I hadn't previously made any effort to go to a gig (poor, I know) but sweet JESUS these boys are incredible. My mind was officially blown by how captivating they were, both musically and visually. Not only are they a very attractive bunch of lads, they know how to put on a show without apparently TRYING to. Something I wish I could do. Looking forward to seeing them take over the world, fingers crossed I get to be a part of that. 

More than anything though, we had a fabulous weekend as a band. Bonding over card games, camping and general larks. Big thanks go out to Tim, Andy and Nick for driving all that way. I hope they know that if I had a decent car I would too. Sadly, my Fiat Bravo freaked out after his trip to Hull. Poor thing. 

I shall leave you with some festival snaps! Vintage took a back seat as did any sense of style, but I hope you'll let me off what with the mud and rain and stuff. I've captioned the TWO outfits I wore...!

Festival hair issues. Vintage specs.

Jumper: £2 charity Shop
Skirt: River Island Sale
Wellies: £2 Charity Shop
Flowers: Various 

The most gorgeous ice cream that Stella McCartney loves apparetly. Ooh.

Jumper:  £1 Charity Shop
Shirt: Primark
Scarf: Charity Shop

Necklace: Vintage Fair
T-shirt: Primark

See you at FVF 2013!

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