Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Up-cycle: Farrow & Ball Drawers

It's the Summer Holidays still and I'm getting restless (I'm a singing teacher by day) so I decided to do re-work a little set of drawers for my bedroom. Well, I painted them with gorgeous Farrow & Ball paint in Parma Grey. I picked up these drawers for a fiver from my favourite hospice shop in Sheffield. 

You  will need: 
  • A piece of unloved furniture
  • Assorted sand-paper
  • Dust sheet
  • J-cloth and warm water
  • F&B paint of your choosing
  • DECENT brushes
Begin by sanding down your wood with a coarse paper and some elbow grease. 

Once you've gone to town on the wood all over any paint or varnish should be gone. Then go over again in a fine sand-paper to really make sure you are varnish-less. 

It's around now I suggest you grab a cream scone and a brew.

Then continue by wiping down your now dusty drawers with a damp cloth and warm water.

Now, I cheated quite a bit with the paint. Because there wasn't a great deal of varnish and the wood is quite light, I missed out the undercoat. I recommend using a plain white emulsion of any brand. Nothing too fancy - you'll just be creating a blank canvas. If, like me, you're lazy then head straight to your paint of choice!

The brush strokes must be in the same direction at all times and it's quality not quantity, when it comes to painting wood. Neat neat neat!

Once you've done one coat, wait for it to dry and begin your second coat when your common sense tells you it's time. As you can see, the second coat looks much better so be patient and do as many coats as you need. I went for three altogether.

Right then! I forgot to take official finished draw photos, but here they are in action.

It's simple, but I really like the colour as it works with the vintage/retro theme I have going on in my room. Plus I have so many papers that need a home (nevermind CDs) and now they've had a bit of TLC I'm really happy with them.

Do you up-cycle/rework? Want to share any of your creative projects? Get in touch!

G x

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