Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Topshop Wish List

My bank balance isn't quite what I'd like it to be these days. But my lovely Vintage Fair bosslady gave me a week Topshop voucher for Christmas and I still haven 't spent it. I just don't know what I want. So I've made a wish list, what would I like to purchase from ye olde Toppeshoppe? I never usually buy full price things, this is a challenge. I've made a start with these three dresses.

Paisley Swing :  Bloody lovely. Following through the 60s vibe I've tried to create.
Black Bodycon: A classic. But is the fabric thick enough to hold me in and make me feel comfy?
Blue Floral: Sooo very pretty and unlike anything I own. But I could 50s this baby up come Summer.

But I really could do with some new shoes. I'm becoming a mean lover of the mid heel. In fact, I never realised how much of a shoe lover I really was until I moved them all into a new home. Oops.

Burgundy Loafer Big fan of the loafer. Classic.
Tan Leather Boot, said lovely boss lady was wearing these the other day and I had shoe envy all day aaand now they're half price! Quite the snip.
Gold Heel Oh OK. I also love silly shoes. And I ADORE metal heels. But the sensible girl in me screams NO. 

Any Topshop faves out there on your wish list?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Secretary Chic

Afternoon all. 

It snowed. It was cold and godammit it is still freaking cold! So the housemate and I went for brunch on our day off and braved the weather for tea for two. I never realised quite how much I loved coats until this winter, I adore this burgundy-ish 60s coat. It has a real fur collar and though a little bit big for me, it is my favourite of my sudden collection of vintage coats! Plus it was a steal at £12. 

I'd love to start wearing more blouses under tunics and shift dresses for a 60s/70s look, but I struggle to pull the look off with such an um...well with such a large bosom! But this is the direction I'd like to take my winter wardrobe if possible. 

I have my eye on another pair of Dead Men's Spex too...if you haven't checked his site out google him NOW. 

Dress: Primark
Pussy bow blouse: Charity shop
Shoes: Office sale
Glasses: Dead Mens' Spex
Coat: Charity shop
Bag: Freshmans Vintage 


Thursday, 10 January 2013


Fleur De Guerre recently posted about her relationship to blogging in this post here and suddenly cogs went a turning in my own brain. Now, I'm no super blogger, but I do read a load of blogs and absolutely love following other people's journeys through life, especially following the progress of the champions who set themselves goals and advertise that determination to the social networking world. I suppose I've made a fair few internet mates this way and gained a serious amount of inspiration and stories to tell other people.

Fleur doesn't describe herself as a blogger, but she is. She's fantastic and she's right when she says that the pretty picture posts aren't the ones with the most comments, it's the ones with the real honest rants. The open honest posts where Fleur emotionally lays herself open to the mercy of her followers and receives nothing but encouragement and praise. I think some people think I'm a bit too "into" social media as I'm forever saying things like "Oh this girl I follow said this about the year she's had so far and what she's learnt" or "There's this amazing girl on Instagram who posts progress pictures on her weight loss journey" but that opportunity to share your own achievements with the world is so bloody amazing, I'm so happy that people feel they can do this on the big old scary internet world where "haters" and trolls are so common place, because there are people like me who really respond to them in a wonderfully positive way!

For instance, my post on last years' Sheffield Half Marathon is in my top 3 highest viewed and shared blog posts ever. I like to think that people read this and thought, "well well, if she can do it then so can I!" because that's sure what I think when I read other such things. If it wasn't for my discovery of Bangs And A Bun and her girls OrsiiMiss MeiElles Bells,  and the rest I wouldn't have even considered running 5K never mind a half marathon.

Now I can't help but think this post is for my own benefit more than anyone elses', but I'd like to share some photos from when I was a little larger. I'm doing this because I now feel fat again. But we must all remember where we have come from and the progress we have achieved. So even though I'm not feeling 100% now about the way I look, I've still come a long way. This is me on the right at my graduation in 2010, I was a size 18 and approximately 16 stone but I had already made the decision to lose the weight by this point.

This is me at my smallest, July 2012 at around 12 st 5lbs from a gig at Tramlines festival. I've put on a little bit of weight since the Summer, around 7lbs, so naturally, I'm feeling a bit gutted at my lack of self control and inability to keep going or at least maintain this weight. However, I must look at the change I've made in these two years.  I'm definitely not done yet, but my goodness I'm over the moon I'm not where I was in 2010. Progress.  

So! Half marathon training, triathalon training, clean eating, 2 litres of water a day and fingers crossed I get back on it. I look at these photos and can't help but feel much better and determined to succeed. Soppy blog post over and out.

G x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Better late than never. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post, it's so lovely hearing about the plans people have for the future. Looking ahead is definitely the thing to be doing. So let's hop to it! What's happnin in 2013?

  • Kicking off with a respectable list of goals is Orsii. I started following Orsii when she was training for her first half marathon and following her journey was nothing short of inspiring. So I'm pretty sure these goals are in sight already. You can follow her on twitter @Orsii.

- Finish my “bad stomach” treatment
- Run a sub 2 hour half marathon
- Become stronger and leaner by doing more cross training
- Share the fitness progress diary I have been keeping for a year on my birthday
- Travel more
- Get my finances in order so I can buy a flat
- Invest more time in myself
- See the people I love more often
- Finish my MA degree
- Redo my blog and expand some areas of it
- DJ out more
- Do more radio related
  • Keeping it short and sweet is Emily from I've Fallen Out With My Jeans who says that in 2013 she will be less scared and use her brain! I like it. Fingers crossed you'll be hearing more from me and Emily this year with some Steel Style...Follow her on twitter @poufle.

  • Elles Bells Runs will be your go to blog to follow the running journey of @Broke_Grove. Simply put, her 2013 goals are to keep a healthy eating and keeping fit log. A blog needs readers. Go. Plus, she's travelling at the moment, so if you fancy running in the arctic, uhm, get some advice here!

  • Next up is Lucy from Fi & Me whose vintage and hand made business takes priority this year, and another runner! Amazing! Follow her twitter @fiandme:

  •   "In 2012, I started up a little handmade business with my sister, got a professional marketing qualification, learnt to crochet and ran a 5k. I also started training for a 10k but then hurt my back :(So, in 2013 I'm going to take part in a 10k (I'm joining a running club to give me a kick up the arse!), build on the business and start selling at some local craft and vintage fairs. And learn to drive - but I say that every year!" 

There are so many wonderful things on the horizon for so many of us. There are countless bloggers who have documented 2012 and their resolutions for 2013 so get looking through your faves for some inspiration. Hopefully you'll follow the ladies above and follow their progress on these goals set for the year ahead. 
Love Gina x