Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunny Beach with BGFL: Part 1

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This was to be my first beach/girls holiday ever. I expected sun, sea and rather a lot of fun with my BGFL (Bad Girls For Life - awash with irony). And yes. I got all of the above and more, so how was my week in Bulgaria at Sunny Beach one of the worst of my life?

I'll tell you how. By how down right grim Sunny Beach is. We should have known as we landed in the rain in Bourgas that the grey clouds were a sign of things to come; it wasn't going to be exactly what we had hoped for. So much happened on my week away that I simply can't tell you about (what happens on tour stays on tour etc) but I will relay some of the incidents.

First of all! Let us begin with a positive. My first ever bikini! Body (sort of) confident at last!

Bikini: ASOS
Skirt: Primark
Sunglasses: ASOS
Parasol: Venice Market Stall

The first night we had a bit of a walk around the resort, my god. We knew it would be hard work! Frankly, if you don't go out and get rather merry, you'll be incredibly bored. So. Roll on the second night and the BGFL partied in the apartment, drank 8lev Vodka, sank 1 litre of Sambuca and danced on chairs like there was no tomorrow. We looked pretty darn sexy though.

I'm in the middle wearing the printed peplum dress I had on my first wishlist. Love it so. We're all
 wearing a custom made black perspex necklace so everyone knows we are BGFL.

Now as much as I love Tatty Devine, my bank account certainly doesn't. So how happy I was when I stumbled upon Sour Cherry jewelry in The Nichols Building (where I've just moved in as a unit holder - woo!). The lovely ladies did me a cheeky deal for having 5 of the same design made up which was very good of them and my holiday girls absolutely loved them. I particularly love this bowling necklace from their new collection. 

Carrying on, we went into the central square and tried to find a few bars that didn't look dire when we were asked by a lad with a Yorkshire accent if we were up for going to Frankys and before he could say anything we jumped on him and asked where he was from. "I'm from Sheffield!" Oh the poor boy. Five girls screamed and before we knew it we were all buying BOGF cocktails and chatting about the Steel City. Then a bunch of tank top wearing lads approached us and the rest is history. But then blah, blah, blah ended up in the sea circa 4am and my bag got stolen. Phone, camera, favourite lipstick not to mention my fave River Island bag. Absolutely gutted.  So I embraced the lack of technology and concept of time. (Though my new iPhone 4s is beautiful and I have barely left my laptop since arriving home).

The lads walked us to their hotel where we kipped and they were the perfect gents as they walked us "home" the next day. We then continued to do absolutely nothing all day as we lounged by the pool at our apartment. Yessss. Three of us decided to grab some food and more BOGOF cocktails before Round 2. I think we look positively civilised.

Top: H&M
Skirt: River Island
Earrings: Topshop
Ice Cream: Baileys flavour

This night was ridiculous as it was always going to be. But I can tell you that I sang Valerie in a karaoke bar.

I quite literally cannot tell you any more. 

Part 2 coming later this week. You can get 25% off in my ASOS store before Wednesday with code PUT25 by the way :) x

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