Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Dressing Up Box

I've always liked to think I know what suits me and I've always been one to try and stand out and not be a slave to trends. But this eccentric wardrobe has recently diminished as has my confidence with style, fashion and clothes in general. Not so helpful when you write a fashion blog.

It was actually this post by Fleur De Guerre that got me thinking about my own style and who I was or who I was portraying. In fact, who was I even dressing for?

Often I feel I should be dressing like a 50s girl all of the time or I should be going authentically 60s but the beauty of vintage to me is the vast array of styles on offer to us in the 21st century. And then, one of the traders at The Vintage Fair turned round to me at the weekend and said "You're always changing aren't you?" and it all fell into place. If I want to go all out 40s, I can. If I want to look like I've just walked out of Topshop, I can. My wardrobe is a dressing up box and it's about time I just got over this preoccupation with should and just wear exactly what I bloody well want to.

 So I've attached some of my favourite outfits from this blog to prove all of the above. Hell. I think I look good in any era. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Polka Dots and Feathers

Good evening daaaahhhhlings. The Vintage Fair requires a bit of dressing up and since our fair in Bristol was the biggest one to date, I figured I'd make an effort. It's always a little bit odd getting this dressed up at 8am, but I'm slowly getting used to it! The red lipstick is a Revlon liquid lipstick that really does stay put for hours and hours, so it's fab for fair days. We were in Cardiff the next day and I can't say I looked quite as made up, and it was so busy I never got round to taking any snaps anyway.

 Dress: 80s repro
Tights: Primark
Shoes: ASOS
Belt: Vintage
Head piece: Chapeau Claudette @ Topshop


Sunday, 21 October 2012

It's Always Summer Somewhere

This is my band's new single, Summer Somewhere. It would mean the world to me if you would give it a spin. Have a look at some of the gorgeous snaps taken by Georgina Martin who deserved her 2 hour nap that very early morning in the Peak District. We were there by 7am and the weather was incredible. The clouds had descended into the valley over the village of Hathersage so the backgrounds to this video add a certain eerie atmosphere. I am so lucky living on the edge of Derbyshire.

The box is from an antiques fair in Sheffield, I paid £13 for it. And now it holds Summer. Big task that. I'm wearing a dress from Peacocks that was £7 in the sale and clock earrings from Topshop. Vintage belt. Sodden leopard print shoes. 


Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hello sweet sweet followers, readers, browsers and skimmers.

 I thought I'd share all of my latest Instagram photos, as I said before, I've been blogging and working for The Vintage Fair of late, so I get to see lots of pretty things and handsome people! So here is a bundle of snaps from my phone from the past few months sporadically positioned within a blog post (I don't quite "get" blogger sometimes). You can follow me on Instagram at @ginamaldina...