Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunny Beach With BGFL: Part 2

We had left it with me singing Valerie in a bar hadn't we? Ah yes, then I couldn't continue for fear of losing my dignity all over again.

The days are blending into one another, so I'll go with this day.

We went to Nesse Bar which is a village down the coast from Sunny Beach for a change of scenery. Now, the place is slightly more picturesque, there are some trees and some birds and one or two buildings that were built before the 20th Century. Like this one.

But unless you're after a fake Moschino purse, a crochet table cloth or a novelty magnet I'm afraid you're out of luck. We decided to grab some breakfast at one of the more pretty restaurants that overlooked the sea, like most the places on offer, it was surely going to be fairly awful. So Kate and I plumped for a continental breakfast because, as Kate pointed out, "Not much can go wrong with that" oh but it did, didn't it?

Now I don't know about you, but curried Cornflakes aren't the norm for me, no no no. But how well timed was Kate's comment? I was laughing for quite some time. Once we added in the banana and milk it sort of faded, so I went for it anyway. The view was spectacular, mind.

I'm wearing:
Shirt - Charity shop
Belt: Vintage
Shorts: Mums from 80s

That night it was time for the one and only Basshunter. Oh yes. 20 lev for a ticket later and we are ready to party at Club Viking, the only place, AND I QUOTE "The only place where it's OK to get naked on the bar." Oh lord, time to buy more 6lev vodka to pre drink like we are 18. 

I tell you what, I love getting ready with my girls. It's one of the best parts of going out for a big night out so I'm pretty pleased I was able to do it 3 nights in a week with my BGFL. Have some snaps. Oh and I'm wearing the same Hearts & Bows dress that I blogged about here.

 I still can't believe we did this holiday. We met a gorgeous barmaid called Eva who dumped two guys dressed as french maids on us, they did my head in. And as you see below, I was rather unimpressed with their outfits and tans. And perfectly coiffed hair. And no chest hair. WHERE DID YOUR TESTOSTERONE GO? OR YOUR 50 LEV?!!!!

Anyway, onwards to Club Viking where we met the boys off of Part 1 and danced (fully clothed) near the bar. Not on it. Basshunter is now blonde, slightly tubs and appeared to be singing along to a backing track. 

A quick shout out to Rimmel and their Scandaleyes mascara - I think my lashes look lengthy as! A boy bought me a rose and I blushed and went all girly. For Gods' sake.

There isn't much else to tell you if I'm honest, well nothing I can. We had a failed night out the next day, OK correction, I had a failed night out. I wore my glasses. A bar man said "why the hell are you wearing those?" and I got all funny. Personally I think I look cracking and perfectly classy.

In summary. I came home with a nasty tummy bug and one week later I have only just begun to recover. I love my BGFL but Christ, I do not love Sunny Beach. No no no. Never again. 

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