Sunday, 29 July 2012

ARK Clothing VS Flashmob

Though I love vintage, thrifting the perfect bargain and sales galore, I had the pleasure of choosing an outfit from the Hearts & Bows line at ARK Clothing to gig in over the Tramlines festival weekend.

How come? I hear you mutter. band Screaming Maldini decided to crack out an a cappella arrangement of Summer Somewhere bang in the middle of Sheffield's ARK on Division Street. Check it.

I'm wearing an 80s dress that I shipped in from the US from Etsy and a bag I got from River Island in the sale years ago. I had to just...sing! In front of the unsuspecting public! But knowing I'd soon be joined by the rest of my band and 25 singers, a trumpet, guitars and a flute. Absolutely loved it. 

In return (!) ARK let us wear their clothes. 

Photo: Georgina Martin

Photos: Georgina Martin

Here is the dress I chose, I loved that I could make it my own by adding the ridiculous Topshop fruit necklace as the black high neck provided a perfect "blank canvas" for the statement necklace.

 Annie had such a huge decision to make! She looked amazing in all the options from Hearts and Bows but I'm glad she went with this leatherette skirt as it's not something she'd ever usually wear. Teamed with the pretty shirt, the leather was softened somewhat.

The boys looked pretty sexy too. But enough about them.

 I do hope you come to a gig soon and check out Screaming Maldini on the internet (we're all over that shizzle). Especially here. Oh and ARK.

G x

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