Friday, 2 March 2012

Gigs and Getups

It's been a while, my bad. But I have been busying myself, mucho promiso. There are exciting things afoot with my shop Pretty Used Things, so please keep an eye out on the internet for that shizzle. 

Last night my band Screaming Maldini supported our fellow label mates and cool cats Johnny Foreigner and Tip Your Bartender at The Harley here in Sheffield. It was absolute U16s moshpit chaos by the time JF graced the stage, which was awesome to watch!

I had about 10 minutes to get ready, and I chose to don this dress which I haven't worn in years. It was £10 from a jumble vintage shop here in Sheffield, and with a nod to the pastel trend, I thought I was doing OK.

Belt: Peacocks
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: ASOS

Victory Rolls rushed to imperfection.

Have a looky at some gig snaps...they're awful! But what a handsome crowd!

The morning after the night before I HAD to wear my new Johnny Foreigner t-shirt. What a cool teacher I am. The kids will love it. I love that I can dabble with a 40s/50s look one night then throw on a shorts and t-shirt the next day. As much as I admire Vintage purists like Fleur de Guerre and Judi Yesterday and the Bright Young Twins (see my blog reel) I can't help but dress it down sometimes and feel better off for it.

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Vintage

 Morning enthusiasm on 6 hours sleep.  Nutter.


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