Thursday, 29 March 2012

Oh, hello overdraft!

So...I bought quite a few things the other day. I am terrible at buying separates, I don't wear trousers and I don't spend money on tops, I never think I'll wear them. But this trip saw me buying three new skirts and spending a hell of a lot of time searching for a top to go with them in Meadow-hell. I then figured I'd go for a plain grey T and a statement necklace, which I never found. The search goes on!

However, skirt! I was on the way to have dinner with my Mumma. It's a gorgeous metallic navy blue pleated maxi from M&S for a nifty £19. 
The bag is a swirly golden perspex evening bag from ASOS.

Oh and sorry for the photos. I needs me a decent camera.

The shop is still up and running with new stock!

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