Friday, 28 October 2011


Already having an idea of what I was about to experience almost put me in a nervous position. I knew there was smoke and that it was a clever idea to breathe through my nose but nothing could have fully prepared me for what I was about to…see? Hear? Feel?

ZEE is an installation by Kurt Hentschl├Ąger whose art tries to push the limits of our senses, forcing them into overdrive. ZEE is certainly no exception to this rule. I’m not going to bang on and I’m certainly not “reviewing” this - hell I’m no art critic - but I do want to share my thoughts and feelings. 

As soon as you enter ZEE you cannot see past your own hands, for the thick faux fog ensures you’re vision is restricted. Unable to rely on one sense forces your others to overreact and the uncomfortable bass heavy audio evokes a feeling of instability and disorientation. The strobe lighting begins to play havoc with whatever vision you still have, shapes are thrust around your head - diamonds, squares, circles all in tessellating patterns. Even when you close your eyes the patterns continue but the colours alter and there is no escape.

I felt I had a choice. Do I let this environment disturb me? Do I relate it to the harrowing effects of too many intoxicating substances? Or do I fall still and let this completely new feeling wash over me, creating images and questions? 

Is this what entering Heaven is like? 
Is this an alien space ship?
Am I still in my body?
Is there anybody still in here or am I all alone?

I did both. Switching quickly between the two. The artist had certainly achieved what he had set out to do with me. Not only were my senses in over-drive but my emotions and thought process were reacting in a way I didn’t think they could. Paranoia, helplessness, freedom, elation, fear, curiosity and confusion. All in the space of 12 minutes. 

If you find yourself in Liverpool, head to FACT and sign up for this exhibition. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced and feel rather superior to my band mates (who have been stuck in Sandhills Studio) for going. 

More actual fashion-y things to follow…


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