Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I knew from day one that most things I write on this blog will not be unique or unheard of. The whole process is rather for my own delight than that of anybody else. But oh my. There are some very dedicated vintage lovers out there and I have serious envy for all that they own and all that they can do with their hair. I would like to share the following blogs, websites and internet trinkets with you. If you have ever fancied getting into Vintage fashion but have never dared or needed inspiration then I hope you find something up your street in this list. 

First of all, thank you Sophie for pointing me in the direction of Bright Young Twins.


They are two gorgeous girls who eat, drink and breathe 30s and 40s fashion and I wish I owned their wardrobes. I feel incredibly unfashionable and like a vintage lover impersonator while reading. Enjoy!

This is my absolute favourite image from their blog with her hair styled in a long 20s style. Beautiful. 



Aubrey London has a fantastic YouTube channel with countless tutorials on vintage hair styles and make-up looks. And there are also lots of other great tutorials online. This is the Hairstyles section of her website and I hope you’ll give them a go - I learnt how to do this roll fringe from her:


For all of your vintage inspired lingerie needs look no further than What Katie Did - http://www.whatkatiedid.com/

Whether or not you purchase one of their infamous bullet bras or pairs of back seamed stockings (I believe it’s 3 pairs for £10 currently - ooh!) please go and have a nosey just for the fabulous models!


For an insight into the life of a professional vixen, check out Miss Teese’s personal photo album. 



Another blog that I recommend for the musings and stylings of a Vintage Lover is that of Fleur De Guerre



If you ever find yourself down Brick Lane please visit Beyond Retro as this warehouse is full to the brim with old, fabulous things. The website is pretty darn attractive too:


This is my pick of the dresses, I love how elegant the subtly paisley print is, though at £45 it isn’t on the cheap side. 



The Girl Who Stole Vintage inspired me to blog. If you are more on my wave length and want to mix eras and mix the old with the new and give things a modern twist then check her out.


My name is Lereese Atkinson and I am 24, and I live in London. Although my blog will be focused mainly on my favourite subject, which is fashion, I don’t actually work in the fashion industry nor do I have anything to do with it. I’m not an insider, just an enthusiast.  None of my opinions will be a Professional opinion but they will be personal and true to me.


And of course I completely love The Vintage Fair. The Vintage Fair visits over 20 venues around the country as well as festivals with pop-up fairs. 40 plus stalls in great big venues (Sheffield - check out your Town Hall!) with clothes ranging from 50s - 80s, crafts, re-worked vintage, home ware and retro linen never mind the scrummy tea and home made cakes.


You’ll be seeing me in a vintage wedding dress and a big sign on November 5th in Sheffield City Centre promoting the fabulous Vintage Wedding Fair. The next big vintage fair is on December 3rd at The Town Hall. 



This is merely the tip of the ice berg. I hope that this selection tickles your fancy and gives you an insight into what is out there. I’m completely inspired by Bright Young Twins and will be spending Saturday afternoon crafting my hair into various retro styles - wish me luck…!

Keep Tabs,


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