Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fair is Fair

Me oh my I’ve been slack on the old blogging. Apologies. Today I’d like to draw your attention the super dooper people at The Vintage Fair. I have had the privilege of doing a handy bit of promo work in Sheffield. And to do so I get to play dress-up! (Oh I also flyered with the lovely Bethany of who has some really great ideas - good job really as she is in fashion!)

In the photo here I am wearing a vintage polka dot dress which I shortened, a hand made petticoat from The X Shop, a vintage nurses belt and a H&M cardigan. And the pearls are real. Oh yes. Lucky me. 

You’d be amazed at how many people want to know where the train station is and where the nearest McDonalds is when you stand with a big sign saying VINTAGE FAIR HERE TODAY. I guess you’re asking for it really.”But what is the fair?” Is also another very common question. See answer below:

The Vintage Fair is a touring fair of around 40 stalls that visits cities around the UK and for a measly £1 you can have a nosey around these fabulously varied stalls. And a nosey at the very well dressed handsome people. I’m a magpie - what can I say? Other things to expect…

  • Scrummy vintage cupcakes and tea in sublime teacups we are all too lazy to find in charity shops ourselves.

  • The Vintage Salon where girls leave with Victory rolls Dita would be proud of and beehives worthy of Bardot.

  • Homeware and aprons that make you want to bake and wash up all at the same time.

  • Vintage inspired, unique jewelry that Topshop wished it stocked at twice the price.

Each fair is focused on whatever the season currently is and in September all the winter jumpers, fur coats and student loan friendly items are on display. So on December 5th at Sheffield Town Hall I suggest you get ready to rummage through even more fur, even more jumpers and capes and of course beaded and sequinned dresses. You’ve got to love an 80s party frock! Here is one I bought from Cow in the sale last year…

(oh I’m glad I’ve shifted another stone since here - I split the dress right up the back that night! Mortifying!) But ooooh look! Shiny!

In conclusion, you can look at gorgeous people and gorgeous things at The Vintage Fair. 

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