Friday, 7 October 2011

Oh! Sweet Charity!

“I love vintage clothes because they seem to make extravagance less costly to obtain, and I like to imagine the story behind each piece. Who wore it, where did she wear it, and who did she meet? Was it her favorite hat? Did she save up for it? I love the mystery of vintage clothes.”

Dita Von Teese

So it turns out I’m skint. I’ve cried my money worry tears, punched and kicked my finance draining car and now all the cash flow woes have turned to indifference. Frankly, I’ve given up caring. Agreeing with me, my house-mate says her Dad warned her about this day. “What day?” – “Oh the day you just don’t give a shit anymore.”….That’s today.

Gloom aside, there is a great big positive to my poor bank balance, oh yes. It’s time to combine my obsession with pre-loved clothes and accessories with my instinctive Yorkshire thriftiness.  That means charity shop rummaging, engrossing myself in eBay, Vintage fairs ago-go, getting feisty at clothes swaps and quenching my thirst for the High Street in magazine form only. And here is where I’m going to record my purchases and savvy sales. I’d like to think I’m putting a twist on The Fashion Blog, but there’s every chance I will post photos of my outfits and leave the world to judge me.

And since I’ve just had a serotonin inducing rummage in Extra Care (next to Morrisons’), what better time to begin than now?

Wellington Boots: £1.99
Yellow Paisley print blouse: £1.49
Printed blouse: £1.49
Cracking Grandad Jumper: £2.49
Home made pink and lace dress: £3.99

Total: £11.45

I would demonstrate how I would wear these but I am house-mateless and cannot complete this task without their help. I WILL THOUGH.

Keep tabs.


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