Tuesday, 25 October 2011

studio time? New coat time.

Hello one and all.

Today I am in the studio and I have nothing to do. If you need to get a picture of where I am just look below…

Got it? Great. Although, looking around and looking at that photo, things aren’t quite so tidy. Or well lit. Nonetheless I am content with my surroundings. 

I went shopping today in Liverpool with Miss Independent herself, Kim Roberts. One thing that shocked me was how super cool the volunteers were in Oxfam on Bold Street. In the charity shops in Sheffield you don’t get handsome indie dickheads and to this I object. Oxfam is overpriced. I feel as though I shouldn’t say it as it all goes to a good cause but…it is. Worryingly, all of their Vintage stock came out on racks marked “Halloween Costumes” but I browsed all the same. I spied a gorgeous black frock but at £10 I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Admittedly if that had been £10 in a Vintage shop I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid, not even an eye lash. Funny.

I nearly bought lots of things in Liverpool but restrained myself and only bought a new but discounted mac from Debenhams. It isn’t this colour, more a dark tan. £30 a pop isn’t bad though, non?

The mac is a classic. But my favourite mac wearer has to be Miss Alexa Chung..

Having just posted that photo I nearly bought THESE booties from Peacocks at a snip of £15…

OK OK OK I’m lying…I actually nearly bought THESE babies…

I would wear them with a bright pink dress and hair on top of my head. Oh yes. 

“Gina - how is recording going?”  - I have recorded one synth line. 

G x

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