Monday, 9 April 2012

The problem with vintage is...

I reckon we've all been here, but those who buy vintage may have been here moreso.

The problem with vintage is when you find a dress you love, it's 9/10 times, one of a kind. Now this comes with a whole bunch of pros but God damn if not being a size X/Y  isn't a huge con. So I'm in COW in Sheffield and I find this dress...

I fall in dress love. I adore houndstooth and the contrasting floral pattern is just amazing. I've never seen anything like it and it reminds me of the S/S12 Preen collection and Mary Katrantzou's quirky designs. Naturally, the dress is not in my size. I mean, I'm not a big girl (anymore) but I'm certainly not a skinny thing and size 12 is still a bit far off for me, especially with these babies *gestures at bosom*. 
But I still bought it. And I tried it on loads with various types of control underwear. Still no joy. Cue very embarrassing photos...

My thinking is that I will fit into it one day. Am I right in thinking we've all been there? Especially with vintage, because the beauty (and the problem) is, I will probably never find this dress ever again. 

Gina x

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