Monday, 16 January 2012

Specky Four-Eyes

Now. Don't get me wrong, I love glasses. I wear them often and want to buy lots of different kinds for various outfits and occasions. But the other night, we had a girly sort of soiree at a club I rarely visit (and when I do, it is mostly for the purpose of irony) and I felt so incredibly unattractive because of my glasses.

I don't often wear them on nights out but contact lenses were dry blah blah etcetc so I popped them on and didn't think anything of it. It was only when I got onto the dance floor and started to look around and see that not one girl had glasses on that I became very aware of my own. It is with regret that I admit all of this, because if I'd heard one person say such nonsense I would have told them to "stop being stupid". Looking back at the photos (see above) I don't think I look half bad and honestly can't think what all the fuss was about. But at the time I felt truly ugly and as my house mate suggested, hidden away behind them.

I doubt that people would describe me as shy and retiring so I really shocked myself with this sudden complex about wearing my glasses out and unfortunately probably won't be doing it again, which is ridiculous. 
Perhaps it was the location of our night out and the typical clientele that made me feel so uncomfortable? I really couldn't say. If I do wear spectacles again, I'd like them to be one of these from Gok Wan's range at Specsavers.

Any thoughts?
Gina x

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  1. I feel the same! never been in a club with my specs on, however when I go to a few bars I totally embrace them. It defs depends on situation, company etc! which is silly, but true.
    LOVE Goks range.