Monday, 30 January 2012

My Vintage Fair Buys

 I had a spare 30 minutes to nip around the fair after promoting in the cold all day. First of all, I couldn't believe how cheap everything was! I could have gone mad! And I seriously regret not buying one particular dress for £5. But we live and learn. 

Below are two bird hair clips. They are so bloody lovely, I can't wait to create a nest for them to sit in (in my hair).


I saw this necklace from afar and expected a hefty price tag but no, £5 later and it was in my pocket.
 Super stuff.

Sticking to £5 items, I am in love with this simple 50s summer dress. It is a little big, but belted and petticoated I reckon this dress will see me through many summer days.

I took a risk with this next 60s dress. Again a snip at a fiver. But it's so high necked that I figured it would make me look very busty. It isn't the most flattering of my dresses but it is so detailed with the beading at the collar, cuffs and waist that I couldn't turn it down. 

Oh and I'm well aware my frizzy locks need to be in a top knot for this dress. 

Well! There you go. The Vintage Fair - get going. 
If you're in London this weekend (4th February) then visit the fair in Shoreditch.


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