Sunday, 29 January 2012

Naff But True

So I just went out running as a bit of a vent for my rubbish weekend frustrations. And before I knew it I had clocked up 9K. Now those that know me will know that I am not an active person and started this exercise business merely 4 weeks ago. So this is a big deal, I assure you.

The biggest thing for me is that I felt so proud of what I had achieved, what my BODY had achieved. Again, those that know me will know about my recent weight loss and crushingly low self esteem. So for me to post this photo of me finishing my longest ever run is also a big deal.

I felt just as beautiful here as in my previous post, all dressed up. Naff but my GOD it's true!

For running inspiration and motivation please follow @bangsandabun and her #teambangsarmy they are incredible women!

Goodnight x


  1. Awesome! Well done you! 9k is great, are you running Berlin too? :)

    Keep it up! X

  2. I'm not running for Berlin, I'm only training for a 10K in Manchester in March! But following all the guys who are training for the half mara is so inspiring. Maybe next year...?