Sunday, 6 November 2011

Something old: vintage wedding fair

Yesterday saw the launch of a The Vintage Fair special in the form of Something Old, a fair aimed at making your special day unique with a bundle of super retro fun. 


I was lucky (debatable) to be promoting for this fair yesterday in the bloody freezing cold.  All I can say is thank goodness for the lack of precipitation. So I got up at 7:30am and didn’t wash my hair AND BEFORE YOU PROTEST, dirty hair stays put better than freshly washed hair, ask any ballerina. Then I continued to create my 40s/50s look for the day. Oh I do love to dress up. 

Here are some funny things (mainly men) said to me on the day:

Will you marry me? (man continues to get down on one knee) We could pop into the Town Hall to the registry office? I’ll take my cap off?

Young boys: Can we join your protest?

You remind me of a brunette Ruth Ellis. You know Ruth Ellis? Last woman to be hanged in England. Shot her husband with a revolver.

Youth 1: Whats this then?

Me: It’s a Vintage Wedding fair, are you getting married?

Youth 1: Yeah tomorrow, do you wanna come?

Youth 2: Ah yeah me too. 

Me: Oh both of you? Are you getting married to each other?

Youths: NO!!!!!

Me: Oh I see, one in the morning one in the afternoon?

Youths: Yeah save some money. So are you gonna come?

Me: Uh. No.

Youth 1: Give me call maybe we can go for a drink (Youth walks away).

But what you’d really like to see is the goods on offer. Take a look at my poor quality iPhone photos…

Keep an eye out for the next Vintage Fair at The Town Hall on December 3rd it will be Christmas-TASTIC. 



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