Monday, 14 November 2011

i wish: pearl lowe for peacocks

It’s been a week since I posted anything, my apologies. I’m feeling super skint right now so I decided to have a little daydream about the things I’ve seen and want want want…and they all happen to be gorgeous dresses by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks.


This stunning gold, embroidered evening maxi dress is my favourite piece in her most recent collection. With a nod to the 40s in it’s sleek silhouette and satin fishtail skirt, it is an incredibly elegant dress. Definitely one for magic knickers though, even for the slimmer ladies out there. No glitzy accessories or fancy hair, the dress really does do all the talking. And at £80, I reckon that’s fairly well priced.


For a new vintage-gothic take on the LBD, look no further than this midi A-line, velvet and lace dress. Lots of adjectives there. I reckon there is a hint of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress in here too. It is a backless dress, so there is a decision to make on underwear or sneaking in a strappy top underneath if you’re not so confident or like me, rather busty! 


Hello boob friendly dress. Being another midi A-line skirt, this dress plays it rather safe but gives you the option of amping up your accessories, hair and make-up. I think I’d go with either a classic nude or black heel OR something completely contrasting like a leopard print block heel. 

Peacocks have their own range of evening dresses too which are well worth a look if you’re on a budget. I will certainly be purchasing at least one…Pretty New Things?!


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