Sunday, 6 November 2011

I've bought a lovely book


This book is absolutely charming. Angel Adoree of in London has gathered all of her very best recipes and tea party tips to create your very own Vintage Tea Party. As far as I can see, nothing has been overlooked. Angel has even drawn out splendid invitations for you to copy, suggested decorations and venues and the last chapter is dedicated to style!

This final chapter includes step by step guide to achieving the perfect set of Victory Rolls, how to apply false eye-lashes as well as a section on vintage make-up. Angel has even already told us how to style our hair in a scarf for hygiene/style purposes when we are cooking and baking for our tea party!

The book itself is beautiful, with stunning photography and illustration throughout and is one of those books you want to display on your coffee table for everyone to flick through while they wait for their Blood Orange Lemonade, Candy Striped Meringues while polishing off a Leek and Goats’ Cheese Rarebit with Chive Grass.

Well worth the £20 price tag - a gorgeous Christmas gift for any Vintage enthusiast.


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