Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Better late than never. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post, it's so lovely hearing about the plans people have for the future. Looking ahead is definitely the thing to be doing. So let's hop to it! What's happnin in 2013?

  • Kicking off with a respectable list of goals is Orsii. I started following Orsii when she was training for her first half marathon and following her journey was nothing short of inspiring. So I'm pretty sure these goals are in sight already. You can follow her on twitter @Orsii.

- Finish my “bad stomach” treatment
- Run a sub 2 hour half marathon
- Become stronger and leaner by doing more cross training
- Share the fitness progress diary I have been keeping for a year on my birthday
- Travel more
- Get my finances in order so I can buy a flat
- Invest more time in myself
- See the people I love more often
- Finish my MA degree
- Redo my blog and expand some areas of it
- DJ out more
- Do more radio related
  • Keeping it short and sweet is Emily from I've Fallen Out With My Jeans who says that in 2013 she will be less scared and use her brain! I like it. Fingers crossed you'll be hearing more from me and Emily this year with some Steel Style...Follow her on twitter @poufle.

  • Elles Bells Runs will be your go to blog to follow the running journey of @Broke_Grove. Simply put, her 2013 goals are to keep a healthy eating and keeping fit log. A blog needs readers. Go. Plus, she's travelling at the moment, so if you fancy running in the arctic, uhm, get some advice here!

  • Next up is Lucy from Fi & Me whose vintage and hand made business takes priority this year, and another runner! Amazing! Follow her twitter @fiandme:

  •   "In 2012, I started up a little handmade business with my sister, got a professional marketing qualification, learnt to crochet and ran a 5k. I also started training for a 10k but then hurt my back :(So, in 2013 I'm going to take part in a 10k (I'm joining a running club to give me a kick up the arse!), build on the business and start selling at some local craft and vintage fairs. And learn to drive - but I say that every year!" 

There are so many wonderful things on the horizon for so many of us. There are countless bloggers who have documented 2012 and their resolutions for 2013 so get looking through your faves for some inspiration. Hopefully you'll follow the ladies above and follow their progress on these goals set for the year ahead. 
Love Gina x

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