Monday, 10 September 2012

Shoreditch Vintage Fair: Revival

I stupidly treated myself to this dress from Revival Vintage and their unit in The Nichols' Building (where I have just updated my Pretty Used Things unit! £5 bargains I tell you!). I wore this for The Shoreditch
Vintage Fair on Saturday. 

I'm trying to develop more of a 60s vibe and this dress just fits perfectly, though I have put on a few pounds recently - boo hiss. It has a gorgeous quilted rolled collar and a striking graphic print. I'm thinking late 60s for the era. The unit is actually having a 15% off sale so this baby only cost me a nifty £17. Now what do I keep saying eh? That The Nichols Building has the best selection of vintage in Sheffield? Well here is some proof!

G x

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