Saturday, 8 September 2012

Miss Paisley's Guest Post

May I introduce Lauren Paisley, one of the coolest Cumbrian chicks around with an awesome wardrobe to match...

Here it is the first blog takeover and I have the joy of posting for Pretty Used Things as a guest. First off introductions, my name’s Lauren I met Gina back in Sheffield studying music together and I am a fellow BGFL!

Now then, it’s taken me weeks to think of something interesting to write but putting finger to laptop and being lazy on a Sunday morning it hit me. I was reading a magazine and the journalist was attending her daughter’s graduation. Whilst proudly watching the young’uns receiving their certificates she noticed how all the girls were all the same, and how everything about the girls was fake! Same fake nails, same fake hair and the same fake baaaaad tan and this got me thinking….how my BGFL girls are all unique and individual in terms of style and character and I just want to tell you how all four of them are bloody amazing, not only for getting me through our crazy Bulgarian holiday but for being strong, unique and individual gals.


The little Geordie blonde bomb shell, “she’s got a banging body with the banter to match”. She never ceases to amaze me not only with whatever comes out of her potty mouth but with whatever she’s wearing next. She’s the smallest person I know and anything she wears always looks good….well…. apart from her newest purchase…that PIMP jacket. Enough said the better (only joking Kate!).  On another note I don’t know where she gets her energy from; I love her style and I love her banter never stop being crazy babz!


Lucy is a beautiful confident babe who has a complete heart of gold! Her party trick is the boob dance, which after many attempts is harder than it looks! The ultimate PS (party starter) she’ll light up any room and her style is always effortless and creative. A recent newbie to the blonde side after being a brunette for so long she makes whatever she wears her own…often with an owl or hedgehog accessory or two.


As the lady who takes the most time in our group to get ready I think she has had the biggest change since our fresher uni days and she is looking FIT. From her hair (the chicken bum!) to halving the time she takes to get ready she has really found her own style. A Manchester girl born and bred she is the mother hen of the group, a strong, fierce lady who knows her mind. I know she’ll never believe me but she has got cracking pins and Barry and Paul are the best pair in the group! Enough said.

 And finally….


I’m so glad I’ve met Gina, she’s always full of inspiration and underneath all the self doubt (that I bet all of us have) there is a feisty and fun lady in there. I’m in awe of her sense of style and drive to create her vintage empire. She has an amazing sense of style and a wicked character (the stories from Bulgaria are classic) and we’ll definitely laugh about them one day ey Gina! Never stop being a babe Gina!

So to my BGFL girls until the next time don’t stop being you! You make me smile every time I see you all. Hopefully our next holiday will be just as classic and crazy as Bulgaria, and our style will have evolved into something new and unique!


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