Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Current Inspiration: Annie

Though I have a fairly whimsical, often eccentric wardrobe, I have found myself leaning more and more towards simpler styling. This really is due to the effortlessly cool Annie who plays bass in my band Screaming Maldini. She often gets compared to Zooey Deschanel with her thick brunette locks and blunt fringe, gorgeous eyes and cheeky smile! Though we are inspired by celebrity, magazines, blogs, music and history I think we are often most inspired by those around us.

The word "effortless" really sums up Annie's style. She turns up to most social engagements looking perfectly put together, yet completely natural and never over-styled. Annie knows what suits her but more importantly she knows what she likes and has unapologetically created a theme within her wardrobe. Especially with colours and tailoring. Annie is often in Zara and Topshop and that little leather jacket is from Mango.

Asking Annie what she's going to wear before a night out or before a gig is a common occurance! Though our styles are completely different, I always find it helpful to know what she's donning. Here are a few things that Annie has taught me:

  • A statement necklace (or 5) is the ideal addition to your accessory collection as it finishes an outift in seconds. Preferably in gold. 
  • Red lipstick can transform an ensemble from "I've just finished work" to "I'm on the rum!"
  • Don't be scared of white shirts and buttoning them up to the collar.
  • Simple works.
  • Fashion doesn't have to be uncomfortable to look good.
  • Stick to what you know suits you.

With this style in mind, I asked Annie to model for my first ASOS Marketplace collection. These two items looked so right on her, they sold in days and no wonder, she makes them look so wearable. That's what my collection is about, making vintage work for anybody. 

She's not only a savvy fashionista, Annie is a wonderful friend and a talented musician. She should really have her own fashion blog really! I wish I knew how to put an outfit together like this girl, I really do. In the mean time, I'll just make fabulous tunes on stage with her. 



  1. What a fab post! Written by a gorgeous glam stylish gal about another goregeous glam stylish gal :) Jx

  2. Ah so thats her name. I was the guy sitting in on your photo session with a sandwich.

    Wanted to know who she was and if she had a boyfriend. :-D