Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pushing Forward

Tangential is my middle name.

Those of you who have been reading for a while may have read about my new found thing for running and followed my training for my first half-marathon. You can read the report from that glorious day here.

But it's been hard ever since. I ran 4 miles 2 days afterwards and though it was OK I was obviously quite tired but running club people told me not to worry, that I was recovering. But why was it so bloody difficult to even manage 3K at ParkRun 5 days later? I had to duck out after one lap of the park! My legs had seriously failed me and I felt so defeated. All that work, sweat and effort only for me to go back to square one. These crappy runs continued for weeks and I still don't get it. When you learn the piano and you do a Grade 6 exam, if you stop playing for 2 weeks you don't go back to Grade 2, so why was my running so damn crap all of a sudden?

I began to associate running with failure and naturally crying my eyes out became a regular occurance. So I stopped running for 17 days. Last Saturday I went to ParkRun and finished 31:16. My PB is 28:53. It doesn't look a lot, but it really, really is. I would say there's even a vast difference in those times, all just because I had that time off.

Yesterday I went for a very muddy run with Sheffield Running Club and OWNED it. I completely nailed some of those nasty Sheffield hills and felt pure triumph for it. It took me ages to get that feeling back, but I really did just need to KEEP GOING. Push forward. I still don't understand the decline in ability/fitness but I feel like I've become to overcome it and aim for my next half marathon in October.

Oh and I'm currently doing Weight Watchers. And I ate well last night. Get in. 

G x

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