Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sheffield Goes Bloody Mental

Oh yes. It's my favourite time of the year. Tramlines Festival is upon us once more! Sheffield is invaded by thousands of extra gig go-ers hoping to catch at least one fantastically FREE gig from one of the top notch indie bands around at the moment. I thought I'd condense the weekend into my top picks across the weekend of July 20th-22nd. Oh and check out the website: Here.

Alt - J
This band have created a somewhat unexpected wave across the nation. Despite not being able to quite decipher 90% of the lyrics, I absolutely adore the kooky, glitchy sound these guys have formed. Breeze Blocks is a firm favourite. Find them at The Bowery on Friday night. Form an orderly queue.

Joe Banfi
Audiences are guaranteed to be captivated by Joe's beautifully raw vocal. Accompanied with guitar, cello and haunting vocals from Miss Annie Rushworth, Joe Banfi is one to look out for in the coming year as he has been signed by cult label Communion Records. Olive Green makes me tingle. Catch Joe at the Folk Forest in Endcliffe park at 2pm on Sunday.

Mammal Club
Now, I confess. I've heard of Mammal Club before, they are a local trio. But I've never actually tuned in until today and boy, they're bloody good. Painting flies the flag for Wild Beast' style falsetto with a disgustingly catchy, soaring chorus. There's a tinge of Sheffield in there, but I'm happy to hear my city coming up with some electo-indie-pop without a grain of irony. This lot take to the stage at SoYo on Sunday at 6pm.

Beth Jeans Houghton
The woman is incredibly sexy, twisted and blessed with gorgeous effortlessly beautiful vocals. Main stage eye candy on Sunday night. Dodecahedron is a highlight.

Screaming Maldini
Sticking with SoYo on Sunday, my band Screaming Maldini will be taking to the stage at 8pm. I'm not even going to try and be modest. We are freaking awesome and give good gig. Of course, we'll be playing new single Life In Glorious Stereo but we have a new track to share with you and it's a really good laugh. I'm so excited! Plus we will be decked out in Hearts & Bows clothing so we look extra neat and tidy.

David J Roch
David is obviously a troubled soul. Come to these shows with a heavy heart and leave with it plummeting through your shoes. Having said this, David's voice is just stunning. Skin And Bones is still my favourite song. He plays a full band gig on Friday night at The Library Theatre around 8pm. Plus he's a babe.

It's quite obvious that I could go on and on and on with a ridiculous list of artists. So I'm going to give you a whole more of people to check out in list form below all leading to a song of theirs. I do hope you can make the journey up to Sheffield to catch some of Tramlines, because the city just goes bloody mental. The atmosphere really is electric.


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