Monday, 21 May 2012

Polka Pleated

 Hello again, time for a quickie?

I had to nip into town to talk to a gorgeous young man off of SoYo Live on Mondays so felt the need to dress for the occasion. That's not strictly true, previous to this I was in slacks, essentially, but the sun came out and I "hurrah!-ed" and put on polka dots.

I'm a really big fan of bright, clashing colours and have always loved pink VS turquoise so aim to air this colour combo whenever possible. I also seem to wear tan leather with black too much, so have started opting for more white in my accessorising, which I think is working rather well.

Top: Charity Shop
Skirt: Nannan's
Bag: Freshman's
Shoes: New Look
Scarf: Carboot
Earrings: Charity Shop
Belt: River Island 

ta-ta x

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