Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Own "Pretty Used Things"...

Big fan of Instgram over here at P.U.T. As I have said in my little 'about me' section, I love all kinds of Pretty Used Things, not just clothes. So I thought I'd share (via Instgram) a select few of my bits and bobs I've sourced over the years that lie in my room, mostly gathering dust. 

Two painted eggs in a  glass case.

60s Vanity case plays home to scarves and a fan from Singapore.

My only pair of Vintage Gina heels, sadly they do not fit.

All Saints, you will NOT have my Jones' sewing machine.

Five of my most lovely hats.

I plan to make a hanging mobile sort of feature from these little lamp shades.


Matching cross stitched candle stick holders and a brooch.

A lovely illustrated copy of Alice, which, if you turn it over is also another story.

1950s/60s carry-on case is brimming with scarves. I can't close it.

What are your favourite Pretty Used Things?

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