Thursday, 17 May 2012

If it was sunny I would wear...

This is a bit of a poor excuse for a blog post but I like to keep you updated. I'm sick of this rain goddamnit. I don't know about you but I'm in some sort of pit where it's OK to eat all the time and not shave ones' legs. Ever. Much like the winter of a married woman with three teenage kids. Anyway. I bought this dress from COW in Summer 2009 when I was a rather a large lady, too large for the dress anyway! It's an 80s repro of a 50s sun dress, but I love the midi length and the bright primary colours. I had approximately 15 minutes free to enjoy the sun before heading to work and thought I'd nip to Sheffield Botanical Gardens. 

Apologies for the unstyled hair. I wasn't feeling it.

Belt is vintage woven leather
 Bag is hand-made 1920s
Sunglasses are from LeLove Vintage on Etsy
Shoes are from Office

If it were sunny, what would you all be wearing? 

G x

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