Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Nichol's Retro Centre

Jubilee was a wash out no? Such a shame yet completely predictable.

 However, I popped down to The Nichol's Building in Sheffield to have a cheeky look at their Jubilee Vintage fair. It is definitely one of my favourite retro/antique centres in the city as it caters to a more retro clientele than the fusty dusty old antique centres which, don't get me wrong, I love. But sometimes it's nice to smell OK upon leaving a building.

 I bought my new favourite 60s dress from this centre the other day. The skirt is so full! And even if it does make me look a little like a doll, I love the little puff sleeves.

Bag: Carboot sale
Shoes: New Look
Belt: Peacocks
Earrings: Primark
Glasses: Dead Man's Spex
Umbrella: Charity shop - now lost. GUTTED.

Complete with Lindy Hop dancers from none other than Lindy Hop Sheffield, today saw the centre a little busier than usual and with more stalls to find even more treasures.

 I picked up a new Sheffield Girl canvas bag for a fiver, I love the whole branding of the company and they're right! There is nothing like a Sheffield girl! You can find them on Facebook and look out for the Sheffield Girl Times which is dropped off around Sheffield in all the very finest establishments. 

One of my niggles about Vintage as "thing" is the obsession with bunting, teacups and cupcakes. But I think I'm slowly learning to love it - eek. Teatime Vintage had a mighty fine looking stall set up at this fair selling their delicious wares. Teatime aren't just another cupcake stall, you can hire your retro china from them too. Their website is incredibly helpful so for all your tea party needs I highly recommend popping over their way, or visit their blog here.

I thoroughly enjoyed my mini Victoria sponge.

All in all I would highly recommend paying a visit to The Nichol's Building for some very affordable, quirky vintage. I will even go as far as to say it hosts the best variety of vintage clothing in Sheffield. 

G x


  1. What a lovely blog post! And that dress is from my unit Misty's, glad to see it's gone to a good home! xx

  2. Great Blog. Are you on facebook?

    1. Hi Marie! Thanks very much. I am on Facebook as Prefty Used Things. G