Sunday, 3 June 2012

FLURT Frozen Yoghurt

Yesterday saw the Sheffield High Street brighten up with a splash of purple.

FLURT is a simple yet brilliant idea. Fat free frozen yoghurt. Choose your size, flavour and topping then enjoy.

I had a choice of original, strawberry, cherry and pomegranate yoghurt and went for the latter out of sheer curiosity! Like a pot of purply pink Mr Whippy ice cream, I was really looking forward to this. Staying with the "fat free" theme I figured I'd choose some blueberries to go with my pomegranate yog. (although I was very tempted to get some yoghurt raisins!)
And straight from the equally purple website, have a look at all the benefits of tucking into some FLURT...
The benefits of Flurting include:
- Pro-biotic and pre-biotic
- Fat free
- Low calorie
- Made only with natural ingredients
- Great source of calcium and soluble fibre
- Gluten free
All our yogurt is packed with natural goodness, made with fresh local milk, pure fruit purees and contain no artificial colours or additives

Admittedly, I wonder how this venture will be sustainable what with the Great Brutish Summer. It wasn't the best weather and I did look a little mad in my summer maxi carrying my iced dessert when, really, I should have had a jumper on. Or two.

Still finished it.


So go and pay these ladies a visit and have a cheeky FLURT. Check them out on HERE and stalk them on  Facebook.

Joyous stuff!
G x

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